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This page is dedicated to the individual or company that is currently using another 3D software and is investigating other options. At Genesis, we understand the challenges facing anyone that is considering switching and understand the importance of providing a high level of comfortability in choosing IronCAD. Below we answer the most commonly asked questions when looking at our software. We do also understand, that, like fingerprints, every company is unique and that is where our experience and expertise comes in. IronCAD, being an Atlanta based company, and privately owned, gives us the flexibility to address any customer concern directly, and head on. No other company on the market can offer that. After reviewing the below information, please do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration on how we can effectively assist in your transition and answer questions specific to your needs and your company.

Answer: Yes. With IronCAD’s powerful translator, legacy data can be used in IronCAD and with its direct editing capabilities, you can also make modifications without having to do any remodeling.
Answer: In head to head tests, IronCAD has been found to be both the easiest 3D package to use as well as to learn. The Georgia university system found IronCAD so easy to use, that it was included in the Science, Engineering, and Technology program introduced into the Georgia high school and middle school programs to help facilitate interest in the Sciences. It is not uncommon for new users to begin developing models after only a few hours of training.
Answer: Because IronCAD can increase your productivity up to 30%, it will actually pay for itself many times over. Companies that have done ROI’s on IronCAD have found a return on investment of less than a year. IronCAD will more than pay for itself in productivity increases that will benefit your company for years to come.
Answer: IronCAD is as powerful a tool as any of the other software on the market. It has all the same functionality of FEA analysis, rendering, animation, etc… Recently did a feature article on IronCAD and its use in a very large modeling project involving over 70,000 parts. That article can be found here:
Answer: As a reseller, my goal is your 100% success with our product. Very often, I hear complaints from prospects that they feel their current software provider does not take their business seriously. My goal at the end of the day is for you to tell as many businesses about, not just our product, but Genesis and the level of support that has impressed you.
Answer:  Yes.  You can click the following link to see testimonials of companies that were using another software that switched to IronCAD.