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Technical Machines & Engineering

In the machine tool business solid modeling is a facet of the industry that everyone has to have to stay competitive. There are lots of solid modelers out there, cloud based, subscription based, you name it, there is a package out there for everyone. IronCad is different. If I had to go back to sketching and constraining like most of the solid modelers out there I would stick to using CAM software for the majority of my work because for the most part wireframe will get the job done. IronCad makes my designs faster and easier to complete because I can work in one scene view all the time, I can change any part right there in the scene view I'm working in and don't have to worry about whether or not I'm in an assembly or a part drawing because Ironcad works the way I want to. I rarely have to sketch anything to complete most of the drawings that I routinely do. Did I say IronCad is fast? It's fast; there are so many ways to automate routine tasks from custom catalogs of commonly used shapes and structures to using the Tri-Ball to move things were I need them. There is nothing like the Tri-Ball in CAD, it's an IronCad innovation that makes designing faster than ever. Gears, bearings, fasteners, sheetmetal, structures are handled with ease. If you work with a common part all the time, just drop it into a catalog and it's there forever. Time is money in the custom metalworking business and IronCad is all about saving me time and making more accurate designs that can be built with confidence.

Terry Moore
Karl Roll Degreasers and Precision Washing Systems

Microplanet in Seattle, Washington

  • Flexible design architecture allows for rapid design changes during the prototyping process
  • Ease of working with large assemblies
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

“I have used pretty much all of the popular and expensive CAD systems, such as ProE, Solidworks, Solid Edge, Catia, Delcam products, etc, but none were as easy, or as fast as IRONCAD is. More things just get done in less time, period!"

Mike Walls, Senior Designer

See the Case Study Here

Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB in Sweden

  • 75% productivity increase over Solidworks.
  • No longer being limited by constraints and parametric relationships.
  • A single scene design environment and catalogs making data management much simpler.
  • Full ability to work with legacy 2D data with IRONCAD DRAFT. 

“We have replaced both AutoCAD and SolidWorks with IRONCAD. Many different fixtures and tools have been designed at Hexagon. When it comes to 3D-design, we do see a big advantage by using IRONCAD. Our experience has been that we design faster and easier compared to our earlier solution because we don’t need to struggle with parametric relations and constraints. With IRONCAD, we can design a whole project in a single file and we also get great usage with the catalogs by dragging and dropping parts and assemblies into new designs whenever needed.” 

-Patrik Kärrvall, R&D Manager, Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB

 See the Case Study Here